For many years, marathon runners have been regarded as a symbol of a perfect health. Many believe that the ability to run 27 miles stretches results in maintaining maximum health. However, the shocking truth is that marathon running is associated with various health conditions despite the general benefits of long distance running. Here’s a list of significant health risks associated with running a marathon.



Cardiomegaly is known generally as an enlargement of the heart. The truth is that marathon running directly influences your heart like with any other cardio workout. If you compare an average person’s heart with an athlete’s, you will be able to determine a significant difference in terms of size; the athlete’s heart will be substantially larger. That is due to the high-intensity physical training the respective athlete undergoes.

As a result of the Cadiomegaly (enlarged heart), the body will have to bear the excessive amount of blood pumped. Eventually, the respective person might end up experiencing various issues related to heart; irregular heartbeat is one of the most commonly found issues. Irregular heart beat often leads to heart failure. Making it worse, such a condition can remain undetected until it becomes serious. However, some people also have enlarged hearts due to genetic causes.


Although this is a rare condition, it is fatal. This specific health issue occurs due to the abnormally low levels of sodium in blood. Generally, marathon runners tend to drink a substantial amount of water during the event. Subsequently, they sweat a lot. As a result of excessive sweating, sodium levels go down significantly. When they consume more water, the sodium levels are even further diluted. Too much liquid that gathers in the body can prevent proper electrical transmission and eventually leads to an SCA (which is commonly known as sudden cardiac arrest).

Unhealthy Diet Risks

Some marathon runners believe that they are physically fit enough to eat anything they want. However, just because a person can run long distance stretches doesn’t mean that they can enjoy an unhealthy diet. Marathon runners who eat a lot of saturated fat still have greater chances of becoming a victim of cardiovascular disease.

Physical Injuries

Running a marathon is an extreme physical exercise. Most professional marathon runners work hard to avoid physical injuries during a marathon. When a runner’s body is extremely exhausted, even a slight mistake can cause serious damage that might need several months to recover. Apart from running the distance, marathon runners have to force their bodies to exceed normal physical tolerance levels.