What It Takes to Become a Navy SEAL


Navy SEALs engage in various heroics ranging from counterterrorism activities to special reconnaissance missions. Movies regularly portray them as almost mythological heroes dominating the air, land and sea. Reality may not be that far off.

As you can imagine, becoming a Navy SEAL is not the easiest task in the world. An individual must meet a considerable number of special requirements to end up on this elite fighting force.

The applicant must be physically fit

If an individual wants to become a Navy SEAL, they must be in exceptional physical condition. A true Navy SEAL is expected to perform at optimal level regardless of the weather condition, time of the day and type of the terrain.

Each candidate must be ready to undergo highly intense training. Those who aren’t physically fit enough to withstand this training will not last very long. During training, candidates are pushed beyond their usual physical performances. Pull-ups, pushups and swimming are only some of the tasks they will have to perform during this training.

The applicant must be ready to follow a long road

During the training, the candidate’s endurance levels will be pushed to the max. Training for the Navy SEALs lasts around 30 months. During this period, candidates must undergo different types of training (basic and advanced levels). Also, they will be trained in various schools that teach parachute training, underwater demolition and many other skills.

There is a specific order to follow: the candidates who pass the respective school will be advanced to the next institute on the list. Passing all those schools successfully is mandatory to become a Navy SEAL. Those who fail even a single school will be transferred to different positions in the US Navy. So, candidates who want to become a Navy SEALs must be prepared to maintain consistency throughout training.

The applicant must have a clean record

Those who don’t possess clean records or pass background checks will not be selected for this training; their applications will be rejected at the initial stage of the selection process. If a candidate has committed any sort of crime, there is no point of even applying to become a Navy SEAL. Authorities expect candidates to participate in extremely classified missions and must possess reliable character to qualify.

Candidates need to meet several other requirements if you they interested in becoming a Navy SEAL. For instance, they must be younger than 28 and must be a US citizen. Apart from that, candidates will also need to score high in ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test.