In general, alcohol does not conjure up images of good health. More often than not, alcohol consumption is linked to all sorts of health problems. We couldn’t agree more that excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to liver damage and other health issues. But is that the whole story?

There is emerging proof that moderate consumption of whiskey can actually cause a POSITIVE impact on your health. So, if you are a whiskey lover who drinks responsibly, you may enjoy the health benefits emphasized below.

  • Whiskey promotes weight loss

For those looking to tighten the beltline, whiskey is a great alternative to beer. It’s not loaded with carbs and sugars and the small amount of sugar it does contain is easily broken down by the body.

Compared to drinking a pint of beer, having a couple of ounces of whiskey is a much better approach if you are serious about weight loss.

  • Whiskey promotes mental health

Whiskey has the ability to boost your cognitive performance and memory. There are also claims that it can lower the risk of dementia. It is believed that the ellagic acid found in whiskey can reduce the effect of the free radicals inside the human body.

However, excessive consumption of alcohol (of any variety) can do the exact opposite (too much of alcohol can kill brain cells).

  • Whiskey boosts your heart health

As we grow older, our bodily functions slow down. The functionality of the internal systems such as the cardiovascular system may become less efficient. That is why older people have a higher risk of strokes or heart attacks. Interestingly, those who consume a couple of ounces of whiskey are less likely to experience such conditions.

  • Whiskey can minimize the chances of blood clots

Although blood clotting is essential in order to stop losing blood when you are wounded, internal blood clots can be dangerous. Blood clots are often responsible for causing issues like heart attacks, thrombosis and strokes. The good news is that whiskey is capable of reducing the thickness of your blood and thereby preventing excessive clotting. In addition to that, whiskey may have the ability to increase HDL levels to boost your cardiovascular health.

  • Whiskey may help you fighting against cancer

Whiskey consists of a substantial amount of ellagic acid. It is an exceptionally powerful antioxidant. This respective substance can effectively neutralize harmful byproducts inside the body. Subsequently, ellagic acid can prevent diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Even more, whiskey has the ability to boost your immune system.

But to enjoy the health benefits of whiskey, one should always drink responsibly. Whiskey consumption should be limited to a maximum of 3 ounces per day.