The battle of the sci-fi franchises used to center around Star Wars and Star Trek, but for the last decade Marvel has changed the entire movie franchise game. It’s a modern-day geek dilemma: Star Wars or Marvel? Interestingly, each of the franchises (Lucasafilm and Marvel) were bought for $4 billion by Disney (Star Wars and Indiana Jones come under the parent company Lucasafilm).

Both franchises have films in the all-time Box-office’s top 50 list, both have more films in their pipelines and both have fans who are impatiently waiting for more.

That said, let’s find out which Disney franchise is more valuable.


Disney bought Marvel back in 2009. The investment didn’t look like a very wise idea because the track records related to the movies based on comic books weren’t that impressive. However, the release of the first Iron Man film was an absolute success and it helped pave the way towards better comic book movies.

It is true that some Marvel films didn’t achieve $1 billion milestone. However, Disney achieved significant financial success with films like Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. Although it remains unseen if Disney can succeed with more lesser known Marvel heroes, the financial goals Disney has already achieved is sufficient enough compared to the investment they made. Marvel continues to launch two movies annually and their fanbase only seems to be growing.

Star Wars (LucasFilm)

Disney did a great favor for the new generation of Star Wars fans by bringing back the characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princes Leia. Star Wars had this advantage: the franchise was already successful in various media. Disney just needed to promote it as a brand to the younger generation.

But the truth is that LucasFilm doesn’t have a massive variety of established options that the Marvel Universe has. As we mentioned before, LucasFilm consists of only two options; Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Still, LucasFilm may have one advantage over Marvel when it comes to money-making power; Disney has complete control over Star Wars theme park rights.

Although Star Wars films will likely continue to do exceptionally well when it comes to box office, the truth is that any expansion beyond the Skywalker storyline is a gamble. Marvel, on the other hand, has more existing heroes and storylines to pull from.

As per the latest release plan of the Marvel, they expect to continue to release 2-3 films each year. With the optimal calculations, we can expect about $1.75 billion a year even during a relatively “slow year.”  Star Wars may be able to match such numbers with their plan to release two new trilogies and spin-off films. In general, it can be said both of these franchises made by Disney are highly valuable. Both Marvel and Star Wars have solid base of audience that keeps growing.

Verdict? The Force is with Marvel

After analyzing all the facts, we believe that Marvel stands ahead of the Star Wars in terms of the most valuable property. Star Wars needs to venture into unknown territory before it can produce a variety of films similar to Marvel. Until then, the Force is with Marvel.