It is no secret that the technology used in warfare advances at a rapid speed. Many developed countries work to gain the upper hand in modern warfare. Therefore, there is no shortage of research to produce more and more powerful and accurate weaponry.

Drone Technology

Introduction and rapid advancements of drone technology is a remarkable milestone in warfare. During the past couple of years, drones have become incredibly popular. For instance, the Pentagon itself launched hundreds of new micro drones within a really short period. This swarm of drones actually functions as a single organism under the command of a unified brain.

Although these drones are particularly small in size, it would be unwise to underestimate their capabilities. These drones can carry explosives and attack enemy communication networks to great effect. They are also capable of targeting specific individuals. So, the realization of a “drone army” is already within our reach.

Laser Weapons

The other remarkable invention that is likely to play a key role in future warfare is laser weapons. Reportedly DARPA has been researching laser weapon technology for a long time. They have already tried equipping Boeing 747 with lasers, but the results weren’t that remarkable; lack of accuracy and speed were the main issues with 747s. Meanwhile, the Navy, Army and Marines have tried lasers on ships, trucks and Humvees respectively in order to destroy enemy drones and mortars. Although the results of this research are classified, the significant increase of the budget on laser weaponry is a sign of success of this project.

There are a lot of reasons the military could prefer lasers over projectiles. Lasers don’t leave any footprints since the technology utilizes nothing but energy. Conventional bullets leave behind casings and lead. There are also environmental concerns. Many warzones are polluted from hundreds of thousands of shells casings. Gradually, the lead substances and metal components such as bullets can contaminate ground water. The natural habitat of the respective area will be under a serious threat. Apart from that, contaminated ground water can eventually end up in human body causing a large number of health issues. With the usage of laser weapons, authorities expect to minimize this environmental effect.

Leadless Bullets

In addition to the usage of laser weapons, scientists have developed biodegradable bullets that don’t contain lead. Even more interestingly, the US army has already done successful research on bio engineered seeds. These seeds can be integrated into the shells and once left on the battle field, they may germinate into plants. This could be a really positive impact in terms of protecting the environment.