When people around the world hear about obesity, many equate it to being an “American problem.” This is likely because there is more awareness about the disease in America than any other country. It may come as a surprise to hear that America is not even in the list of the top ten countries with the highest percentage of obese people.

With all the various health risks and awareness associated with obesity, one would think that by now we would have fewer people dealing with it, but you may be shocked to know that the opposite is the case.

Mental Health and Food Scarcity

Contrary to most beliefs, obesity has nothing to do with a country’s economy. Even poor countries suffer from this disease. This may be a result of depression or food scarcity. It may not make sense at first to equate food scarcity with obesity, but the link is real. In many cases of food scarcity, people have to turn to unhealthy diet options to survive which will absolutely lead to obesity.

Worldwide Epidemic

Obesity goes beyond the problems of any single country; it’s an outbreak that affects the whole world. Therefore, it should be dealt with by all countries working together.

According to the World Health Organization, there should be more awareness on calorie intake since many people eat without considering the calories their food contains. Speaking out about obesity can be a difficult matter because of modern movements to accept different body types. The root of the problem is not about appearances, however, it is about health.

One likely reason that obesity is considered an American epidemic is because of the emphasis put on weight loss in our country. Developing countries may rightfully believe that there are more important issues to deal with than obesity. But like most deadly diseases, obesity should be treated. The fact that it can cause fatal health issues such as diabetes, heart failure, and more means that it should be considered as deadly as any other dangerous disease.