All the Most Amazing Highlights from Google I/O 2018

Every year, Google hosts a big developer conference called Google I/O, and it always starts off with an impressive keynote. This year was no different. The deluge of product news featured a two-hour presentation showcasing a plethora of new features and developments for various applications. From Google Maps and Google Photos to Google Assistant and more, here are some of the craziest highlights.

20. Google Duplex

google io android p highlights

Tom’s Guide

Should we be thrilled or frightened? That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds. Duplex, a new Google Assistant feature, employs a humanlike voice that sounds incredibly realistic.

The way google describes it is “a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out ‘real world’ tasks over the phone.”

In other words, it’s a robot that can place phone calls for you. What’s so crazy about it is that it has actual vocal tics that make it sound like a real person. It actually says things like “umm” and “uh,” and uses words like “gotcha.”


19. Walking Navigation is Getting an Upgrade

google io android p highlights

Android Authority

Ever use Google Maps to get walking directions? Figuring out where the blue dot is leading you can be terribly confusing. Now, your phone’s camera will be able to play a huge part in showing you exactly where to go. Maps will overlay arrows over what you see on your camera. Not cute enough? Google’s even considering adding a cute augmented reality fox to help guide you.