The Top 20 Jaw-Droppingly Dumbest Sports Injuries Ever


Sports are taxing on athletes, and injuries are bound to happen. But sometimes the injury is so inexplicably dumb that all you can do is shake your head and wonder, “What were they thinking?!” Here’s our rundown of the top 20 dumbest ways athletes have injured themselves.

20. Chris Hanson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Image via Getty/Al Messerschmidt

Chris Hanson was a putter who decided he’d take his coach’s “keep choppin’ wood” mantra a little too literally. He swung an axe in the locker room and planted it right into his leg. That wasn’t wood, Hanson. That wasn’t wood.


19. Adam Eaton, San Diego Padres


Image via Getty/Stephen Dunn

Opening a new DVD was a pain in the butt back in 2001. Adam Eaton must’ve really been struggling, because he decided to break out a knife to do the handwork. Well, he opened the DVD – and his stomach. OMG!