Australian Woman Dies After Contracting Hepatitis from Pomegranate Seeds


In Australia, a 64-year-old woman died after contracting hepatitis A from Creative Gormet frozen pomegranate seeds. The product had been recalled two months ago after it was linked to a hepatitis A outbreak in New South Wales.

Hepatitis A is typically contracted after eating or drinking something contaminated with fecal matter. It is a viral infection of the liver that usually resolves itself within a few weeks. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fever, yellowing of the skin, dark urine and pale stool. It is rarely fatal.

“The incubation period for hepatitis A is generally 15-50 days, so we don’t anticipate further cases because the product was recalled two months ago,” said South Australia Chief Medical Officer Paddy Phillips in a news release.

Still, toss those bags please.