Since humans don’t already argue enough with each other, IBM has created Project Debater, an artificial intelligence system trained in the art of debate.

Project Debater made its debut in Israel on Monday in a public debate against Noa Ovadia and Dan Zafrir, two renowned debaters. The AI’s first public debate went well, with it scanning hundreds of millions of newspaper and journal articles in order to create a topical argument. The machine looked for relevant sentences and clauses and then determined what possible counter-arguments could arise.

IBM noted that Project Debater is not trained on topics; it’s not just a talking encylopedia. Instead, it’s trained specifically in the art of debate. The machine must “think” before replying to its opponent – in one circumstance for roughly two minutes.

While AI is far from perfect, IBM believes that it will have a large impact on the future. One application that could be useful? Fact checking politicians.