A German Man May Have Killed 21 Co-Workers Over 18 Year Span

File this under “you never truly know the people you work with.”

A 56-year-old German man was caught red handed trying to poison a co-worker’s lunch in May of this year. The would-be victim noticed a white powder on his food and alerted supervisors. Security cam footage showed the suspect in the act.

But it gets stranger from there. German police found substances in the suspect’s home to make poison – in addition to mercury, lead and cadmium. Suddenly the deaths of 21 employees who have died since the year 2000 were put under the microscope.

Why? Because many of these deaths were a result of heart attacks and cancer – which could be caused by heavy metal poisoning. Authorities are interviewing living relatives and may even exhume bodies to search for evidence.

The suspect has remained silent.