A Gangster in a Paris Prison Pulled of a Hollywood Escape

Redoine Faid, a notorious French gangster who was serving a 25-year sentence for a failed robbery attempt that killed a police offer, escaped from prison over the weekend.

But this was no typical escape. Faid was helped by three heavily armed men and a helicopter. After landing in the courtyard, two of the gunmen used bombs to break into the visitors room where Faid was talking to his brothers. The third gunman was left to guard the helicopter, which was piloted by a hostage.

In 2013, Faid escaped from prison after taking four guards hostage and using dynamite to blow several doors. He ended up on the run for six weeks before he was captured.

According to French police, roughly 3,000 officers have been drafted into a manhunt to locate Faid and return him to prison.

No word on how they plan to keep him there.