The smash hit videogame Fortnite has seemingly taken the world over, with gamers obsessing over the battle royale game and kids leaving their parents wondering, “What is fork-knife?”

Not content with conquering the virtual world, it seems that the developers, Epic Games, are making a move to invade our physical reality.

In the game recently, a failed rocket launch cracked the sky open over the island where players typically battle it out with one another. The rift that appeared caused several things from the game world to disappear, including the Greasy Grove’s Durr Burger mascot.

The Durr Burger mascot is a giant hamburger with bulging eyes and a long, lolling tongue hanging out of its “mouth.” And while the Durr Burger disappeared from the virtual world, a photographer in California stumbled across the mascot in the very real desert.

Augmented Reality Game or Viral Marketing?

People have begun to trek out to the site of the Durr Burger to find clues. There’s a sign nearby that warns passersby of a nearby anomaly. There’s a police car in the style of Fortnite. And there is now a tent with miscellaneous items on it with a person who is handing out mysterious business cards to folks who stop by.

It’s unknown if this is a publicity stunt, marketing for the upcoming Season 5 release of the game, or the beginnings of a new Augmented Reality Game.

Updates are pouring in over Twitter, Reddit and the wiki at if you are so inclined to watch this unfold.