The Guardians of the Galaxy Support James Gunn

The main cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy films released a heartfelt statement today on social media in support of James Gunn, who was fired after offensive tweets he made a decade ago resurfaced.

Gunn got his start in filmmaking with Troma Entertainment, distributor of such classics as Redneck Zombies, Killer Condom and Yeti: A Love Story. He began his career as a B-film provocateur and eventually found himself making movies for Disney that have brought in over $1.5 billion dollars. The fact that he used to make jokes in poor taste was well-known to anyone who had followed his career.

The cast’s statement said that while they did not support Gunn’s offensive tweets, they did not believe that the jokes reflected the kind of person he has shown them to be. They stopped short of asking Disney to rehire Gunn directly, but the sentiment was there.

Meanwhile, an online petition to reinstate Gunn as writer and director of the third film has reached nearly 350,000 signatures.