A 23 Year Old Swimming Record by Michael Phelps Was Broken by a Kid Named Clark Kent

In 1995, Michael Phelps set a record in the 100-meter butterfly during the Far West International Championships in California. That record stood while Phelps went on to win 28 Olympic medals.

It was just broken by a 10-year-old kid named Clark Kent Apuada, who did it more than a second faster at 1:09:38.

Apuada, called “Superman” for obvious reasons, has only been competitively swimming for 4 years. He’s just getting started. His coach described him as “unlike any other young man that I’ve ever coached” and called him “a savant of sorts.”

When he’s not breaking records, Apuada participates in martial arts, takes piano lessons and practices computer coding. Not exactly your average youngster.