Utah Man Flies a Plane Into His Own Home After Domestic Violence Arrest

Duane Youd was arrested around 7:30 pm on Sunday after witnesses called police to report that he was assaulting his wife. He was booked on suspicion of domestic violence and then bailed out. An officer escorted him home to retrieve his truck and some belongings.

Not long after, Youd, an experienced pilot, took off in a small plane that may have belonged to his employer from the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport. He flew directly to his neighborhood and crashed the plane into his house, where his wife and a small child were staying.

The plane did considerable damage to the front of the house, but the woman and child were able to make it out physically unharmed. Youd was killed in the crash. Prior to this event, Youd agreed to marriage and family counseling as part of a plea agreement for another domestic violence incident in April.