Wednesday marked the closing arguments for both prosecution and defense, leaving the jury to decide the innocence or guilt of Paul Manafort and the 16 charges laid against him.

“The star witness in this case is the documents,” said prosecution attorney Greg Andres. It took roughly an hour and 40 minutes for prosecution to make their closing arguments that Manafort knowingly hid bank accounts from the US government.

Defense said that the prosecution was “cobbling” together information that did not prove Manafort’s guilt. They claimed that Manafort was the victim of special counsel Robert Mueller’s “selective process of pulling” financial records to create a narrative of guilt.

Prosecution had an opportunity for a 17 minute rebuttal to defense’s closing arguments, which they took. They made a sports analogy to the jury, likening Manafort’s partner Rick Gates as the quarterback and Manafort as the coach and owner.

It is now up to the jury to decide Manafort’s fate.