Donald Trump Fears Impeachment from Blue Wave, but His Time is Limited No Matter What


President Donald Trump seems to know that he’s on borrowed time if the Democrats take the House or Senate. Impeachment proceedings would be incredibly likely and he knows that his only chance to make it to 2020 is by keeping both legislations in the red.

Trump’s Comments to His Base

During a rally in Billings, Montana, Trump warned his base without mincing words. He said that if he is impeached, “it’s your fault, ‘cause you didn’t go out to vote.”

“I’ll be the only President in history they’ll say: ‘What a job he’s done! By the way, we’re impeaching him,” Trump predicted. He did not specify who could muster enough evidence to prove that he’s done anything worth praising because literally any Republican President would have passed tax cuts and tried to dismantle Obamacare.

“This election, you aren’t just voting for a candidate, you are voting for which party controls Congress,” he said. “Very important thing. Very important thing.”

Trump seems to think that his impeachment will set a precedence where if the Congress is controlled by the opposite party, impeachment proceedings will begin whether or not the sitting President deserves it.

While the thought of politicians acting this way isn’t exactly surprising, there have already been calls for impeachment in Congress for many Presidents in the past. Most went nowhere because level heads prevailed. Furthermore, Republicans know that Trump is poison for the party, but their hands are tied. All they can do is use him for as long as its beneficial. The day where Republicans feign shock and disappointment for Trump en masse is coming, and Trump will likely face a reckoning no matter who holds the Congress and Senate.

Trump’s Lack of Personal Responsibility

According to Donald Trump, he has never done a thing wrong and every scandal is either “fake news” or someone else’s fault. His ego-driven narcissism and ignorance of how to play the part of politician has done more than just broken decorum – it’s put the country at risk. Breaking ties with WW2 era allies and throwing compliments at dictators and strongmen politicians is not the America that veterans have fought and died for.

For a President who spent most of his campaign claiming to want to drain the swamp in Washington, he has chosen to surround himself with criminals, conspiracists and social outcasts. The only thing that matters to Trump is loyalty, but as he’s learning, the loyalty of a liar or a criminal means nothing – they will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

The Investigation Looms

As Mueller’s investigation marches on, many people wonder how far down the criminal rabbit hole Trump’s actions actually go. Was his worst crime simply being ignorant or did he intentionally try to collude with a foreign power to defraud the United States of a fair and democratic election? Is there kompromat and is Trump actually in the pocket of a foreign power? I’m disinclined to believe some of the “blackmailed because of pee tape” redirect simply because Trump has no shame.

And when it comes to his history in business, just how dirty does Trump play? There are plenty of examples of his successes, failures and lawsuits, but the rumored secretive behind-the-door deals and his connections to white collar criminals and possible money laundering does not reflect well. The fact alone that he refuses to release his tax returns is the biggest red flag regarding his ability to succeed in business without breaking the law.

His defense of criminals like Paul Manafort, Duncan Hunter and others show how Trump identifies himself. Likely when he sees others go down for fraud, he realizes that his only protection from similar charges is the office he holds. If he came by the office by breaking the law, then Donald Trump is good and truly screwed.

Chances are history books will not be kind to Trump whether or not he is impeached. And even if he manages to pass some policy that would be beneficial to the US (such as his claims for being responsible for the economy), his lack of humbleness and self-awareness will remain his defining characteristic.