Republicans Are Not Alone in Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Democrat Gil Cisneros, who is running against Republican Young Kim for Congress in California, is finding himself 10 points behind in the swing district because of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Good. Because let’s be honest here. The right candidate isn’t “red” or “blue” – the right candidate is honest, honorable and humble. The best traits that a public servant can have, and traits that are almost lacking completely in both parties in DC, and especially lacking in anyone who harasses others for sex.

Democratic activist Melissa Fazli made the accusation against Cisneros, saying that he propositioned her on an elevator, and later implied that a $4,400 donation should be rewarded with sex.

Cisneros denies the allegations, of course, and even went a step further to produce a witness, Thomas Rivera, to vouch that nothing of the sort happened in the elevator that night. The problem? Rivera is a campaign staffer.