Bill Cosby Has Been Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in State Prison for Sexual Assault

The case against Bill Cosby has finally come to a close with his sentencing on September 25. On the second day of his sentencing hearing, Judge Steven T. O’Neill rendered his decision. Cosby was ruled a “sexually violent predator,” given a $25,000 fine and sentenced to 3 to 10 years in jail.

Bill Cosby Sentencing

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Bill Cosby Behind Bars

As he delivered the decision at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania,
O’Neill explained, “I’m not permitted to treat him any differently based on who he is or who he was.”

Cosby left the courthouse in handcuffs and was transported to a state correctional facility. The 81-year-old man once regarded as “America’s Dad” will now spend a minimum of three years in prison. After which time, he’ll be eligible for supervised release, though that isn’t a guarantee he’ll walk free. Cosby’s name will also appear on a sex-offender registry and he will be required to undergo counseling as well.

According to reporter Bobby Allyn, who was present in the courtroom, O’Neill will also not be granting bail.

Justice Served

Cosby was originally convicted on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault back in April. While that could have led to a sentence of up to 30 years, the counts were merged into one. For a single count, state guidelines suggest between one and four years in jail.

The disgraced comedian had no statement to give when asked if he had anything to say.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, however, spoke at a news conference following the verdict.

“For decades, the defendant has been able to hide his true self and hide his crimes using his fame and fortune,” Steele said. “He used his acting skills and his endearing personality to win over his victims and keep them silent. Finally, Bill Cosby has been unmasked, and we’ve seen the real man as he’s headed off to prison.”

Cosby’s Publicist’s Response

Andrew Wyatt, Cosby’s publicist said that the former actor was “doing great,” while also comparing him to Jesus Christ.

“Mr. Cosby knows that God is watching over him. He knows that these are lies,” Wyatt said. “They persecuted Jesus and look what happened. Mr. Cosby’s doing fine, he’s holding up well, and if anyone wants to say anything negative, you’re a joke as well.”