Trump: Criminal Justice Reform Will Pass – Will Shut Down Government Unless Border Wall Funded

Today’s top two political stories that President Donald Trump plays a key role in involves the criminal justice reform bill.  This would be an overhaul of the nation sentencing laws, which the president says will pass.

During a fiery meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, Trump said he will shut down the government if Congress doesn’t improve the US-Mexico border wall.


Tempers flare during Trump meeting and standoff with Pelosi and Schumer as government shutdown looms

President Trump seems to be circling the wagons and drawing a hard line in the sand when it comes to his desire to construct a wall for the purpose of border security between the United States and Mexico and for Congress to fund it.

Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and Nancy Pelosi (D-California) met with President Trump on Tuesday in a public meeting in the Oval Office that became heated while cameras were rolling. Schumer raised his voice, and things escalated, as the two sides threatened or took shots one-upping one another, all while discussing keeping the government funded amid President Trump’s desire to have Congress approve funding for a border wall with the United States and Mexico.

“If we don’t have border security, we’ll shut down the government,” Trump said.

Schumer told the president with a raised voice that the Senate could pass measures to keep the government running regardless.

“If it’s not good [on] border security, I won’t take it,” Trump shot back.

Pelosi then commented about the direction the meeting was taking, saying, “This has spiraled downwards.”

Trump says legislation for criminal justice reform will pass

Following over three years of bipartisan congressional support that seeks to overhaul the nation sentencing laws, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) announced on Tuesday that “at the request of the President and following improvements to the legislation that have been secured by several members, the Senate will take up the recently revised Criminal Justice bill,” adding that it could be taken up “as early as the end of this week” while implying that it would happen before the holiday break.

Following the announcement, President Trump said on Tuesday that he believes the criminal justice reform bill will pass.

“We got word that Mitch McConnell, we’re putting up for a vote,” Trump said to reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday. “Criminal Justice Reform is something people have been working on for many years. It looks like it is going to be passing in a bipartisan way.”