Megachurch Pastor John Gray is Defending His Purchase of a $200,000 Lamborghini

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While he’s certainly taken a lot of heat for it, pastor John Gray isn’t apologetic about his recent major purchase.

Lambo Urus & The Grays
Kridsada Krataipet /; Milanes Photography / @grayceeme via Instagram

Gray leads the Greenville, SC megachurch Relentless and is a former associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston. He also just bought his wife and fellow pastor Aventer Gray a $200,000+ Lamborghini Urus as an eighth anniversary present.

As you might imagine, plenty of people came to criticize the pastor for the lavish gift. Gray, however, is now defending himself and heartily denying that any church money was used.

Surprise Lambo

Headlines erupted when a video of the evangelical pastor surprising his wife with the keys went viral last week. While the post with the video was hastily removed, it wasn’t before millions of people had already reacted. Social media users around the country were quick to question how a clergyman could afford such an expensive gift.

The luxury SUV starts with a $200,000 price tag for the base package.

Defending the Gift

Gray wasn’t having any of the criticism though, saying he deserves to live his best life.

In a Facebook live video, he states, “it wasn’t a pastor that bought the car, it was a husband that bought the car. And I won’t ask permission from anybody to do it.”

He also denied using money from the church to fund the purchase. Instead, he explained that the money came from his book deals, and “wise investments.” He also cites his reality television show, The Book of John Gray, which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“Nobody is going to tell you how to bless your wife,” Gray said. “If I bought my wife a mid-sized car, they wouldn’t have said nothing. But because I fought to give her the best I could, people have something to say.”

Aventer Speaks Out

His wife also came to his defense on social media soon after the backlash appeared.

“I don’t see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do,” she said in a now-deleted Instagram post. “We don’t live for people! We live for God!”

She’s since posted a video of herself driving while singing Summertime Romance by Johnnyswim. It’s unclear, however, if she’s driving the Urus in the clip.