2019 Politics: Furious Battle Begins on a Number of Fronts

Amid a government shutdown, the year 2019 in politics begins with Republicans and Democrats deadlocked in a battle over the budget that is quickly growing fierce.

With the latter party, they’re swinging even farther left with their advantage in the House, talking indictment and impeachment of President Donald Trump.


Republicans aren’t backing down on border wall

President Donald Trump is standing firm in his commitment to allow the government to remain shut down until he procures funding for his proposed border wall.

In a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the President said he will allow the shutdown to last “as long as it takes.” Trump added that the continuation of the shutdown “could be a long time, or it could be quickly.”

Graham says Trump backing down would be “the end of his presidency.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), while appearing on Fox News, said if Trump were to back off his demand for $5.7 billion to fund the US-Mexico border wall, it would mark “the end of 2019 in terms of him being an effective president” and “probably the end of his presidency.”

Graham went on to predict that “the president is going to challenge the Democrats to compromise and if they continue to say no, they’re going to pay a price for the American people.”

Democrats are talking impeachment

In an interview that aired on Thursday morning on the NBC “Today” show, anchor Savannah Guthrie asked Nancy Pelosi in an interview if the representative would be “willing to rule it [impeachment] out?”

“We have to wait and see what happens with the Mueller report,” Pelosi replied, adding, “We shouldn’t be impeaching for a political reason, and we shouldn’t avoid impeachment for a political reason. So we’ll just have to see how it comes.”

Rep. to introduce articles of impeachment

Despite Pelosi’s comments, Representative Brad Sherman (D-California) announced that he will introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Pelosi vows: “Nothing for the wall”

During an interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Nancy Pelosi reiterated that Democrats will not concede with the President’s demand for funding a Southern border wall between the US and Mexico.

“We can go through the back and forth,” Pelosi said, “No. How many more times can we say no? Nothing for the wall.”

“A. Mexico’s not paying for it…and B. We have better use of funds to protect our border,” Pelosi added. “The president knows that.”

Democrats want Trump’s tax returns

Democrats are seeking to force President Donald Trump to release his tax returns for the past ten years.

As such, they plan on including a provision in the new bill that would require anyone who becomes a presidential nominee to disclose 10 years of their tax returns, shortly after becoming the nominee, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Incoming Democrats pushing socialist programs

Many of the incoming Democrats in the new Congress are self-described Democratic Socialists. Among these, include potential presidential candidates in 2020.

These members of Congress are focused on socialist programs such as “Medicare for all,” programs that guarantee jobs, and an environmental agenda called the “Green New Deal.”