According to a new Gallup poll, the number of Americans wanting to leave the US has reached a record high amid Donald Trump’s presidency.

The number of Americans desiring to relocate to Canada has doubled.


Record number of Americans want to leave the US

Every time there is a new US President, there is always a certain faction of people who say they want to leave the country.

Under President George W. Bush, past Gallup polls found that 11 percent of Americans wanted to migrate elsewhere.

Under President Barack Obama, the Gallup polls recorded 10 percent of Americans desiring to exit the United States.

But now, under President Donald Trump, a new record number – 16 percent – of Americans say they want to leave the country.

Desire to migrate linked to job performance

Historically, a president’s job performance is the leading factor behind people wanting to migrate out of the US.

Currently, according to Real Clear Politics, a website that tracks all major polls, the average job performance approval rating for President Donald Trump is 42.4 percent.

More than double the number of Americans want to go to Canada

After Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the Gallup poll found 12 percent of Americans saying that they would like to move to Canada.

Currently, the number of people who say they want to leave the United States under the presidency of Donald Trump has now more than doubled since his election to reach 26 percent of those polled.

Words don’t match actions

While a record number of Americans claim they want to move to Canada – statistically – the number of Americans actually moving to Canada has only risen slightly.