Tom Brady and the Patriots Celebrate Their Superbowl Win at Disney World

Once again, as many expected, the New England Patriots were victorious in the Super Bowl this past Sunday. However, it’s hard to tell if Tom Brady and Julian Edelman were more excited about the Lombardi Trophy or something else entirely…

“Tom Brady and @Edelman11, you and the New England Patriots just won the #SuperBowl,” tweeted Walt Disney World. “What are you going to do next?”

With that tweet, the theme park included the now-viral video clip of the pair exclaiming, “We’re going to Disney World!”


To be honest, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

MVP Honors

Announcing to the press that “I’m going to Disney World!” has become quite a Superbowl Tradition over the years. Though typically reserved for the MVP, it seems Edelman wanted to include his friend and teammate in the fun.

From Super Bowl Stars to Jedis

The Super Bowl champs wasted absolutely no time in heading off to Disney World, where they soon donned Jedi robes. Edelman was sure to show everyone on Instagram their new duds as he and Brady posed with lightsabers in hand.

Edelman and Brady as Jedis
edelman11 via Instagram

“These are not the droids you are looking for,” he captioned one photo.

A preview of the new Galaxy’s Edge area was, of course, not their only stop. They also posted some selfie videos from the Toy Story ride and took a walk over to Cinderella’s Castle.

Joining the Parade

Edelman and Brady also got to be a part of Monday’s parade, too. The two were seen riding on a float with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and friends, flanked by referees Chip and Dale. Patriots cheerleaders also accompanied the honored guests’ float.

The parade was, of course, streamed live on the Disney Parks Blog for those at home to watch.

“I didn’t know we had as many fans in Florida as we do in Boston,” Brady told the parade crowd. “This feels just like last night did.”

Super Bowl LII marked the sixth Super Bowl win for Brady. For Edelman, it was his third win, but his first time being named MVP.