Alex Jones Ordered to Submit to Sworn Deposition in Sandy Hook Defamation Case


New developments have arisen in the in the defamation case brought against InfoWars host Alex Jones.

Alex Jones

The lawsuit pertains to comments the broadcaster made on air following the Sandy Hook school shooting. Jones, an avid conspiracy theorist, alleged to his listeners that the tragedy was a hoax. He also continuously made claims that the mourning family members had faked their children’s deaths.

It is those families that have filed suit against Jones. And on Wednesday, Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that Jones will be forced to submit to sworn deposition for the case.

The Judge’s Ruling

Judge Bellis had already ruled that Jones be required to hand over documents pertaining to InfoWars business operations. Now, the Sandy Hook victim’s families will also be allowed to depose the InfoWars host and owner.

In addition to ordering a sworn deposition from Jones himself, three additional defendants can now be deposed as well. According to a statement from the Sandy Hook Families, they are considered individuals that are “critical to Infowars’ business operations.”

Six companies are named in the lawsuit, including several entities that are related to the InfoWars website.

Allegations in the Suit

As many know, Jones fervently denied that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre occurred. He notoriously claimed that the families who lost their children were paid actors. He told his listeners that the devastating events were merely a ploy to separate American citizens from their guns.

“The Jones defendants concoct elaborate and false paranoia-tinged conspiracy theories because it moves product and they make money,” says the lawsuit. “Not because they truly believe what they are saying, but rather because it increases profits.”

The suit also states that “Jones is the chief amplifier for a group that has worked in concert to create and propagate loathsome, false narratives about the Sandy Hook shooting and its victims, and promote their harassment and abuse.”

While he says he believes the shooting occurred, Jones has denied the allegations made against him. Additionally, his attorney, Jay Wolman, claims that Jones merely exercised his First Amendment rights.