20 Healthy and Beneficial Sports for Kids!

Kids need a lot of physical activity to keep them entertained, but sports are more valuable than general playground time. Sports for kids not only challenges them physically, they also help them learn valuable lessons such as teamwork, focus and stress management.

We’re rounding up the top 20 sports for kids (in no particular order) and outlining their health benefits for children.

20. Soccer


Soccer is a team sport that will put your child’s endurance to the test! If you have a runner who is fast on their feet, then this may be the best sport for them. Kids will need to learn to react quickly, keep their balance and coordinate their footwork.

19.T-Ball / Baseball / Softball


Hand and eye coordination is the key to baseball type sports. Since they are slower than many sports by nature, it can also help teach children focus. No one can succeed alone in baseball either, when playing the field, children must rely on their teammates to complete great plays.