22 Ways to Protect Your Hair this Spring and Summer

March is here and winter is on its last legs. Spring and summer will be here before you know it – surf, sand, sun – and summer-ravaged locks if you don’t protect your hair.

Even if you’re not headed to the beach, simply being out in the sun can have ill effects. Swimming in pools can also totally wreak havoc on your hair. With threats like UV rays, chlorinated (or salt) water, and humidity, healthy hair falls under siege. But we’ve got some pro tips to help you keep it strong and vibrant.

22. Wear a heat-proof hairdo.

Protect your hair from summer

Some styles just seem to weather better in the summer than others. Wearing it up in a messy bun or a low chignon will help keep you looking stylish and fresh.

21. But let it down to relax when you can.

Protect your hair from summer

While it’s advisable to wear hair up in the summer for a number of reasons, it can also be damaging. Updos should not be worn for extended periods as taught styles can damage your hairline. Plus, hair ties aren’t always so gentle on your hair either. When you’re not out and about, let your hair down and give it a rest.