Apple Unveils Numerous Services During 2019 Event

The Apple Event 2019 is here, which means it’s that time of year that Apple unveils all of their new goodies. This year, instead of focusing on new technology, Apple focused primarily on new services.

Seeing the success of their Apple Music subscription service, it seems Apple is doubling down on the recurring service fee business model.

Apple Unveils New Services

Apple Unveils

Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade service is an upcoming project that will split off premium, paid games from the free offerings in the App store. Apple Arcade will be a subscription-based service that will allow subscribers to play over 100 games at launch. This service falls along the same lines as Xbox Game Pass and other gaming services.

Apple TV

Apple is interested in getting some of that sweet, sweet Netflix money. Apple TV will be receiving a slew of updates that will allow for hand-picking channels, staying in the app for changing sources and introducing Apple’s own programming.

If that last one raised some eyebrows, it’s not without reason. Many have commented on Apple’s huge place in the global tech space. The company is now doubling down on TV by investing in their own TV stations, their own programming and their own platform to view it all from.

Apple News Plus

Apple News Plus will launch with 300 publications available with one $10 per month subscription. As the name implies, this will be an extension of the existing Apple News app. Subscriptions to publications like Wall Street Journal, and other premium news outlets, will be consolidated through the service.

In all, the new approach from Apple tracks with most of the technology and entertainment industry. Video games, television, movies and even news are all being packaged into various subscription services. Apple may be trying this path since their tech hardware sales are down, despite Apple Music subscriptions soaring.