Falling Behind on Sleep? Fix Your Sleep Schedule with These Tips

The life of a modern American is fast-paced and busy. If you’re finding yourself falling behind on sleep, you might find you need to fix your sleep schedule. When you’re busy and can’t seem to get ahead on sleep, it can seem impossible to get back on track.

Here are some of our tips to help you get your sleep back on track.

Fix Your Sleep Schedule with These Tips

Sleep Schedule

Catching Up

Keep in mind that it’s not as simple as just sleeping in late and hoping that covers the sleep you missed. Many scientists have found that missed sleep is simply missed: there’s no getting it back. You can only correct it by just getting your sleep schedule back on track! Here’s how you can get into the right groove with sleep.

Devote Time to Yourself

Set yourself a hard limit for what time you need to get to bed in order to get at least seven hours of sleep. Then, take a step back and put a soft limit on your waking time an hour before that. Start winding down an hour before you need to be asleep and go ahead and shut off everything else.

Put Your Foot Down

Don’t let yourself or anyone else interrupt your sleep. If someone does so, take steps to make sure the disruptions don’t continue. Speak to people who are being loud when you’re trying to sleep and ask them to keep it down.

Take Steps to Sleep All Night

Consider sleeping with earplugs and a blindfold if you’re having a really hard time sleeping all the way through the night. Consider getting blackout blinds to block any bright lights that might be coming through your window. There’s a lot you can do to make sure your space is better suited to a good night’s sleep!