Fans everywhere finally got that A Walk to Remember reunion they’d been waiting for on Monday, March 25.

Shane West and Mandy Moore
Steve Granitz/WireImage via US Weekly

During Mandy Moore’s Walk of Fame ceremony, Shane West had some very nice things to say about his former costar. Plus, he also had a special gift for her as well.

Walk of Fame Ceremony

Yes, on Monday, the This Is Us star was finally given a star on Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame. Best of all, however, was that West was there to share some words about the actress.

The Gotham actor gave a fabulous speech in which he called her “an absolute gem,” among other things. He also said her smile “lights up a room,” and that her “heart is second to none.” Awww.

“I always knew you were incredibly talented and I always knew you would go on to do big things, and amazing things and you have,” West said. “Here you are about to be immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard. I couldn’t be more proud of you, I couldn’t be more happy for you. Love ya.”

A Special Surprise

In addition to his fabulous, kindhearted speech, West also presented Moore with a gift.

“It’s a picture of us when we wrapped!” Moore said excitedly after thanking her longtime friend.

Indeed, it was a photograph of the two from the set of the popular 2002 film A Walk to Remember.

In the movie, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, West played teen bad boy Landon opposite Moore’s good girl Jamie. While the pairing was a quintessential demonstration of how opposites attract, it was also a serious tearjerker. In case you forgot, Jamie was diagnosed with cancer and spoiler alert – well, if you don’t know, you can probably guess.

Speaking of Opposites

“We couldn’t have been more opposite when we met,” West recalled in his speech. “I was busy wearing ill-advised clothes and having dubious hair choices and wearing eyeliner in my garage punk band or whatever, whatever that was. And you were killing it on the pop star scene. You had very long beautiful blonde hair at the time.”

Remembering how things came together, he added, “I was trying to get you to listen to The Clash or the Ramones. You were not interested but you were very sweet about it, and you stuck to your Fleetwood Mac. Always Fleetwood Mac. And so apparently our director for A Walk to Remember, Adam Shankman, decided, ‘Hey, yeah, why not let’s put these two together, let’s put the two opposites attract together.’ And I’m glad he did.”

A Touching Tribute

After the ceremony, Moore took to Instagram to thank West for his wonderful speech.

“Stars have always sort of been our thing,” she said, making a reference to their characters in the film. “Thankful to @theshanewest for his kind words on this very special day, one which I will never forget,” she added. “It was a walk (of fame) to remember.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.