Breckin Meyer via Instagram

The cast of the 1995 hit movie Clueless was reunited this past weekend during the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Stars Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Breckin Meyer, and Donald Faison hosted a panel at the event.

The Cast of Clueless
Breckin Meyer via Instagram

They answered questions, recalled details of their experiences on set, and reflected on the cultural impact of the film. The cast also paid tribute to their late costar Brittany Murphy.

Of course, inevitably, several folks wanted to know how it is that Paul Rudd doesn’t seem to age.

Class Reunion

Yes, Cher, her step-brother Josh, Murray, and good ol’ Travis Birkenstock all got together for the event. And, of course, now everyone is buggin’.

Silverstone remarked that she found the character of Cher unrelatable to her, personally. However, she said she loved playing her.

“It was such a fun character and working with these guys — every one of them was so much fun. I didn’t know who that girl was, so it was really fun to be her. Because it wasn’t, like, how I lived my life.”

Rudd, on the other hand, noted how much of his wardrobe was actually his own.

Meyer and Faison both posted a group selfie on Instagram, and, of course, Faison captioned it: “Rollin’ with the homies…”

Anti-Aging Secrets

The release of Clueless was over two decades ago, yet Rudd, now 49, seems to have barely aged at all.

Countless folks have brought this to the attention of social media, but Rudd has always politely avoided the topic. Now, he has, at last, revealed his secret.

“I’m 80 years old on the inside,” he said, too much laughter. “It’s a mess… In here and in here,” he said, first pointing to his head then his chest, “pure darkness… And a little moisturizer.”

And here we thought he just spent too much time in the quantum realm.

Remembering Brittany Murphy

The cast reminisced about the late Brittany Murphy, who played Tai in the movie.

“I loved when she said, ‘You’re a virgin who can’t drive,’” Silverstone recalled, adding that Murphy “was lovely. She was really lovely to work with.”

Rudd recalled that “She was a sweet person, too. She was just always so smiley and sweet.” And Meyer commented on her incredible versatility and talent. “Like, you see Tai,” he said, “and then you watch 8 Mile, and you’re like, ‘That’s the same person?’”