540 Million Facebook Data Records Found on Public Amazon Servers


We reported back in March that Facebook passwords may have been unencrypted, but Facebook data is continuing to show up in unsecured places – this time in Amazon.com’s cloud computing servers.


Cybersecurity Firm Discovers Amazon Data Exposure

This discovery was made by researchers at UpGuard, a cybersecurity firm.  They found that two more third-party developed Facebook app datasets have been exposed to the public internet.  The information contained in those Amazon buckets adds up to over 540 million records that detail comments, reactions, likes, Facebook IDs, account names and more.

The director of cyber risk research at UpGuard, Chris Vickery, had this to say about the matter, “The public doesn’t realize yet that these high-level systems administrators and developers, the people that are custodians of this data, they are being either risky or lazy or cutting corners.  Not enough care is being put into the security side of big data.”

Since being alerted, Amazon has made the bucket owners aware that the contents had been exposed.