Mueller’s Full Report and All Evidence will be Subpoenaed Today

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It’s looking like that the House Judiciary Committee will approve a resolution today to subpoena Mueller’s full report on Russian interference.

Robert Mueller
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Every Shred of Evidence

The committee will be calling for the final report as well as “any accompanying exhibits, annexes, tables, appendices, other attachments and all evidenced referenced in the report.” In other words, they want to see every shred of evidence that the special counsel uncovered during his two-year investigation.

House Democrats had set a deadline for Attorney General William Barr to release the full report to Congress, but Barr seemed to be pushing for a mid-April release with redactions.

“While we hope to avoid resort to compulsory process, if the Department is unwilling to produce the report to Congress in unredacted form, then we will have little choice but to take such action,” Democrats wrote in a letter on Monday.

Today, it seems, is the day for action.