Girl Decapitates, Eats Genitals of 5-Year-Old Brother in Satanic Ritual

A teenage girl has confessed to killing her five-year-old brother and eating his severed penis as part of a black magic ritual. The incident happened in Brazil.


Horrific Ritual Killing

The boy’s head had been partially decapitated, both of his eyeballs had been pierced, his feet burned and there were knife wounds to his wrists, according to police. The body was found on the floor surrounded by several candles, which has led detectives to assume the killing was part of a Satanic or black magic ritual.

In her confession, the girl claims that she had “cut off her brother’s genital organs and eaten them.” She also said she smothered her brother with a pillow. Preliminary examinations indicate the boy was dead before his body was maimed and cannibalized.

Police also found a burned cell phone and memory card, as well as, a penknife and a small amount of marijuana in the house.

The girl tried to run before police arrived, she started throwing objects at family members who were attempting to restrain her, hitting her uncle with a stone, and biting the family dog which attacked her in the resulting melee.

Criminal Charges

Currently, the teen is being charged the murder of her little brother and the attempted murder of her uncle. She is being held in an isolation cell at Votorantim Women’s Prison in Sao Paulo and placed on suicide watch. She will be tested to determine if she was under the influence of drugs. Police are looking at her social network links to see if she influenced or incited by any black magic practitioners or Satanists to commit the crime.