Farts Will Come Out of Your Mouth If You Hold Them, Experts Warn


Breaking medical news about breaking wind: Holding in your farts in too long is dangerous, experts warn via the latest studies.


Gas Has to Come Out Somewhere

That gas held in your gut won’t simply stay there, according to a University of Newcastle nutrition and dietetics professor, who warns that the gas can pass through the wall of your intestines and become the absorbed into your circulation. Then, when you exhale, that gas will be released through your mouth.

Further evidence comes from a scientific paper written in 2010, titled: “Methane in the gastrointestinal tract.” According to that study, gases, such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, and others, that are withheld from being eliminated via the anus will be “expelled from the lungs.”

Further, the study warns, holding in your farts, in severe cases, can cause diverticulitis or other potential damage to your colon walls.

In the end, or out the other end, it gives a new definition to the term: Pottymouth.