This Image Tells You How Stressed Out You Are?

Are you stressed out or are you as cool as a cucumber? Can looking at an image actually perform a stress test? It sounds crazy (and maybe it is), but give it a try!

A neurologist in Japan reportedly created this image to help people figure out how stressed out they are. Take a look!

The Image


Make sure you look at the image for a few moments. The movement, or lack thereof, is the key to this stress test.

The Results

Here’s how you determine the results of this fun little stress test:

If you see a still image with no movement, then you are as calm as calm can be. Congratulations, zen master!

If the image is slowly moving, then you’re dealing with some stress. Time to put the coffee down and take a walk.

If the image is spinning like a carousel, then you are completely stressed out! Take a day off and unwind! You can tell your boss a Japanese neurologist tested your stress levels.

There’s probably a number of you who are already looking to debunk this little test. But whether this is a real test or not, it’s still a fun diversion from your day. And if anything, maybe it helped you step back and consider your stress levels. Stress can be a dangerous health concern if not addressed!