A “Clean Beauty” bill has been introduced in Congress which aims to crack down on unregulated “poisons” that have been found in cosmetics used by both women and men.


Women apply an average of 168 chemicals each day in the pursuit of more beautiful facial features, softer skin and shinier hair, but many of the chemicals in these projects are unregulated and pose a danger to human health.

And it’s not just women… on average, men apply 85 chemicals to their bodies each day as well. This is according to a new study by the Environmental Working Group.

Americans each day are slathering an enormous amount of chemicals on their faces and bodies, some of which have been linked to a variety of health problems, which includes cancer and infertility.

Everyday beauty products contain hazardous chemicals

Your makeup, your lotions and your shampoos may contain potentially hazardous chemicals.

Some of the most dangerous products found in cosmetic products are chemicals such as formaldehyde, a preservative often found in body washes and shampoos, which can cause cancer. Retinol is another chemical widely found in anti-aging products and sunscreens, which can damage DNA and cause skin tumors.

Parabens, found in some face cleansers and lotions, has been found to disrupt vital hormones in the body. These chemicals are among 1,500 that consumer watchdog organizations want stricter regulation over and/or a complete ban on.

Congress aiming to defeat the cosmetic industry lobby blocking stronger regulation

A new bill being introduced in Congress aims to crack down on potentially dangerous unregulated chemicals in everyday beauty products.

From 1950 to the present day, Congress has been attempting to give the FDA increased powers to regulate the cosmetic industry. But due to strong lobbying, they’ve been blocked continuously from enacting stricter regulations.