A female great white shark weighing an estimated 1,688 pounds was spotted swimming in the Gulf of Mexico south of Panama City, Florida, according to OCEARCH, an international great white shark research organization.


Shark is Estimated to Be Between 14-15 Feet Long

The group tagged the shark three years ago in Nantucket, Massachusetts. They nicknamed the shark “Miss Costa.” At the time of the tagging, the great white shark measured 12-feet 6-inches. However, the researchers estimate that the shark could be between 14-15 feet long now.

The tracking transmitter on the sub-adult shark emits a “ping” when the tagged shark’s dorsal fin breaks the surface of the water and transmits a signal to a satellite. Upon receiving the ping, the researchers spotted the shark swimming off the Florida Panhandle, south of Panama City.

The researchers said that, while it isn’t unusual for great whites to swim through the Gulf of Mexico, tracking this particular kind of large female great white shark moving from where it was first tagged that far north, in Massachusetts, and now found in the Gulf of Mexico, is rare.