School Bus Driver Confesses to Raping 14-Year-Old Girl, Gets No Jail Time

    Despite pleading guilty to charges of third-degree rape of a 14-year-old girl, the 25-year-old male bus driver who committed the act will receive no jail time, pay only minimal fines, and will be required to register only as a level 1 sex offender which will not include him in online databases.

    According to New York State Senate legislation, rape in the third degree is a class E felony and punishable by up to four years in prison.

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    Watertown Police Department

    Bus Driver Gave Alcohol to Young Girl

    The bus driver who pled guilty in the case, Shane Piche, allegedly met the victim last year through his then-job in Watertown City School District, which is located in upstate New York.

    Piche was initially charged by prosecutors with second-degree rape, as well as, endangering the welfare of a child by providing alcohol to the victim before the assault, and first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child.

    At his sentencing, the judge gave Piche 10 years probation, a fine of $375 in court fees and surcharges, as well as, a $1,000 special sex offender registration fee. Piche is also required to register as a Level 1 sex offender, which is considered a low risk of committing the crime again and is not included in online sex offender databases.

    A petition to recall Judge James P. McClusky had amassed nearly 4,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning.

    Prosecutors were seeking that Piche register as a Level 2 offender, but the judge reduced it because the defendant had no prior criminal offenses.