Tired of Rum and Coke? Coca-Cola Now Has 4 Cocktail Mixers Flavors of Coke

    For those of you bored with rum and coke, there is some good news… Coca-Cola is rolling out four new recipes of its signature beverage that are formulated and flavored specifically for use as cocktail mixers.

    coca cola new mixers feat

    Four Distinct Featured Flavors

    The new line of Coke flavors is called: “Coca-Cola Signature Mixers.” These “mixer” versions of Coke will come in four distinct flavors: Smoky, Spicy, Herbal, and Woody.

    Coca-Cola says that its mixers are formulated especially to be paired with premium dark spirits.

    To develop these recipes, the company says it enlisted some of the world’s most renowned and talented mixologists. The recipes were further refined and approved after they went through taste-testing by consumers.

    The new mixers, in bringing new flavors with a Coke-vibe, are poised to inspire a new range of exciting cocktail concoctions.