600+ Rockets Fired at Israel from Gaza in Less Than 24 Hours

Over the weekend, violence between Palestinian militants and Israel escalated as more than 600 rockets were fired into southern Israel. The attack lasted less than 24 hours and killed four Israelis.

Retallitory Stroke in Gaza
Mohamed Zarandah/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images via Forbes

Israeli forces retaliated in the Gaza, and the two-day death toll climbed to 23 dead. Those killed in retaliatory strikes included at least nine militants as well as many civilians. According to Gaza officials, among them were two pregnant women, a 4-month-old, and a 12-year-old boy.

Monday Morning Ceasefire

The violent outbreak between Gaza and Israel began on Friday it seems, when a Palestinian sniper injured two Israeli soldiers. By Sunday, tensions worsened, and violence significantly intensified into a major display of firepower from both Palestinians and Israeli forces.

After the attacks ended, Palestinian officials said on Monday that a ceasefire with Israel had been reached. The Israeli military also lifted restrictions on their citizens living near the Gaza border, indirectly confirming observance of the ceasefire. Schools in affected areas, however, will remain closed.