Mueller to Testify Before Congress, Trump Strongly Objects

Last week, President Trump said that he had no objections to Mueller testifying before Congress and that it was Attorney General William Barr’s decision on whether to allow it. On Sunday, however, the President reversed his decision and took to Twitter.


Twitter Statement

Trump wrote, “Bob Mueller should not testify,” saying that Democrats should not get a “redo.” This isn’t the first time that Trump has reversed his decision over Twitter and it lines up with his objections against former White House counsel Don McGahn from testifying.

McGahn allegedly claimed that Trump asked him to do “crazy sh*t” in order to end the special counsel’s investigation.

The Mueller report, which has dominated headlines for nearly two years, found no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Moscow. Evidence of obstruction of justice by the President was made clear in the report, however. Mueller declined to make a prosecutorial suggestion.

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