Republicans Subpoena Donald Trump Jr, Likely a Move to Protect Him

The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr. to revisit what he knew about the Trump Tower Moscow project.

Trump Jr.

While Trump Jr. had already answered questions about the Trump Organization project in 2017, it’s unclear if he was truthful. As we later discovered, his father outright lied to the American people about the proposal.

At that time, Trump Jr. claimed to merely be “peripherally aware” of the planned project. However, Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen said he’d briefed Trump Jr. about it on multiple occasions. Specifically, Cohen testified that he’d briefed both Trump Jr. and Ivanka “approximately 10” times prior to it falling through.

Now, lawmakers are looking to get the full, complete story.

Subpoena Issued

The committee, led by Republican Senator Richard Burr, is nearing the end of its probe into Russian election interference. The investigation is likely to result in a series of reports regarding the issue.

They’ve specifically subpoenaed Trump Jr. to answer questions that pertain to his prior claims. That is, that he had limited knowledge of the planned Trump Tower project in Moscow.

While the Mueller report contradicts Trump Jr.’s earlier assertion, he was not charged over his senate testimony.

This is the first known occasion on which one of President Trump’s immediate family members has been subpoenaed.

Possible Reasoning

Though some media sources have labeled this effort as bipartisan, others have speculated on the motivation behind it. We’ve not yet seen such a bipartisan move, though some GOP senators do appear displeased by it.

The president also appears poised to fight the subpoena, and his son was reportedly “exasperated” by it. But will the Trumps legitimately clash with a Republican Congress?

It does seem somewhat likely that the GOP-led committee wants to get ahead of the narrative. Also, if Trump Jr. complies with the Senate’ Intelligence Committee’s subpoena, he may try to brush off any future subpoenas from the House.

Only time will tell.