Amazing Moment Caught When Child is Almost Run Over, Saved by Hero Bus Driver

A fast-acting school bus driver in upstate New York recently saved a young boy’s life with her lightning reflexes.

Late last month, bus driver Samantha Call was dropping children off – with red lights flashing and the stop sign out. Suddenly, a vehicle sped by, passing the school bus illegally, just as a child was leaving the bus.

13-year-old Matthew Squires is now lucky to be alive, thanks to Call’s quick hand. Just as the car whizzed past the open doors of the stopped bus, she reached out and grabbed the boy.

Quick Reflexes Save the Day

Squires was just about to exit the bus as Call noticed a white sedan speeding. She suddenly sprang into action, grabbing the boy from behind while shouting his name.

“That was a good grab,” said a girl sitting in the front seat of the bus, just following the incident.

“The last thing I remember was getting yanked back and the car flying by,” Matthew told NBC2.

Christina Beardsley, the boys mother, was also grateful for Call’s actions.

“I cried, I honestly cried,” Beardsley said, adding: “I’m just really grateful that she has quick reflexes and she was able to grab him in time.”

Laws for Motorists

Just about everywhere in the U.S., motorists are required by law to stop for school buses. Unfortunately, many either disregard these laws or are ignorant to them. One source estimates that 50,000 people illegally pass stopped school buses every day.

Though specific laws vary by state, motorists must stop for school buses that are unloading children on undivided highways. In some states, the requirements are even more strict.

Call, shaken by the incident, said: “When I first seen it and I actually had time to sit down and look, all I could think of was, what if I didn’t get him?”

She was also quick to note how more drivers need to obey the laws pertaining to stopped school buses.

“It’s got to get out there. It’s got to stop. People have to pay attention to this,” she said.

When motorists ignore these laws, children’s lives are put at risk.