Elvis a Pedo? King had Numerous 14-year-old Girlfriends, Shocking New Book Claims


The King of rock ‘n’ roll liked ’em young, according to a shocking new book that alleges 22-year-old Elvis Presley kept three 14-year-old girls with him on tour. Presley liked to spend time with them having pillow fights, tickling, cuddling and kissing, the book claims.

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Elvis Presley: A Southern Life

The book is titled “Elvis Presley: A Southern Life,” and was written by Joel Williamson.

Williamson alleges that Elvis cheated on another of his girlfriends, 15-year-old Dixie Locke, and claims the king drove to the hospital when his condom broke. Presley and Locke dated between 1953 and October 1955.

Among the string of underage girls that Presley was involved with, was his eventual wife Priscilla, who was only 14 years old at the time he met her in Bad Nauheim, Germany while he was stationed in the country during his enlistment in the Army.

The book goes on to make many more pervy claims, such as, Elvis installing a two-way mirror in one of his Hollywood houses so he could spy on guest couples having sex.