New Simple Injection to Cure Cancer Getting Staggering Results

A revolutionary new cancer treatment using a simple injection could cure blood cancer, and so far, the recovery rate is staggeringly positive.


In what could eventually be a cure for cancer, an Australian doctor named Ken Micklethwaite and his team has developed a method for injecting modified immune cells that target cancer cells.

The treatment involves inserting a gene into immune cells, called CAR T cells, which helps the immune system to detect, search and destroy cancer cells.

Approved by the FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved the treatment in the United States. So far, US trials are showing a 70-80 percent success rate. In one test, a 19-year-old with very little chance of surviving aggressive leukemia is now incomplete remission after receiving the treatment.

However, because the groundbreaking cancer treatment is in its infancy, the cost of an injection is astronomically high: $500,000 per treatment.

But back in Australia, Dr. Micklethwaite continues to work with his team to find a way to create the CAR T cells in a manner that would bring the price tag down to roughly $10,000 per dose.

Dr. Micklethwaite says his goal is to be able to tell people: “We’ve given you this treatment and you are cured.”