Eiffel Tower Currently in Lockdown, Intruder Found Climbing the Structure

Eiffel Tower

In Paris, France today, a man was found scaling the Eiffel Tower, prompting a temporary shutdown of the popular attraction.

Eiffel Tower

The official Twitter account for the landmark posted a statement saying, “The #tourEiffel is currently closed until further notice. To avoid too long a wait, we advise our visitors to postpone their visit.”

Authorities quickly arrived on the scene and began negotiating with the climber. Rescuers were also dispatched to the scene, including firefighters and a climbing specialist.

Motive Unknown

Officials have yet to release any information pertaining to the climber’s motive. However, it seems he paid to enter the attraction and began his ascent from the second level, about 490 feet up.

Past Attempt

This, of course, isn’t the first time there’s been an attempt to climb the tower. In 2015, a British man named James Kingston also gave it a shot. Kingston did not use safety ropes, nor did he obtain permission. He also attempted to dodge the tower’s security cameras as he climbed.

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest edifice in Paris with a height of 1,063 feet. That puts it approximately on par with an 81-story building.