A British mother gave birth not only to twins but also to another surprise, and her attitude about the experience is inspiring.

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‘My Heart Just Melted’

Nicola Bailey learned 38 minutes after her twins Harper and Quinn were born that the former has Down Syndrome. Ultrasounds did not detect the chromosome disorder while she was pregnant.

“All I remember is the doctor saying, ‘I’m sorry,”‘ said Bailey. But to her and husband Todd, there was nothing to be sorry about. “As soon as I saw them both, my heart just melted,” said Nicola. “They were both so beautiful.”

An Inspiring Outlook

Now, Bailey is trying to change the stigma around Down Syndrome and doesn’t view the condition as any sort of imperfection.

“Harper is Harper and Quinn is Quinn,” said the mother. “They are not the same so I try not to compare them, however hard that may be.”

“Our family is unique and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she added.