Ben and Jerry’s Newest Icecream Flavor:  WEED All About It!

What if could give yourself the munchies while you munch?

Ben and Jerry’s

That’s exactly what Ben & Jerry’s is working on, announcing yesterday their newest product will be a CBD-infused ice cream.

Accompanying the news was a picture of an ice cream carton in various shades of green, along with the letters ‘CBD TBD’ and the company’s signature cow icon on the packaging.


The product hitting your refrigerator any time soon is contingent upon federal legalization of CBD by the FDA.

This issue is being discussed today in a hearing between the organization and parties from the food industry.

Ben & Jerry’s submitted their own official comments for the meeting, citing new National Restaurant Association research saying 75% of chefs surveyed think cannabis-infused food is one of the food industry’s biggest trends for 2019.